Spotlight on Bella Bracha The Talent Show!

December 03, 2015 1 min read

bella bracha











She’s back and perkier than ever!


Just in time for Chanukah comes the second installment of  Bella Brocha, with the spunky grade schooler and her friends teaming up for a school talent show.  Bella Brocha and her friends throw themselves headlong into their own individual projects, with each one doing her best to shine in a display of their unique talents.


Of course, things don’t always go as planned and Bella Brocha finds herself faced with a major crisis just hours before the big production.  In a wonderful display that teaches a great lesson to viewers, Bella Bracha and her friends come up with a Plan B, putting together  a fabulous performance that leaves both the audience and the stars of the show grinning from ear to ear.


While kids will enjoy Bella Brocha and her friends at face value, adults will appreciate some valuable lessons taught here, as the girls cheer each other on in their preparations for the talent show and as Bella Brocha decides to put someone else’s feelings ahead of her own disappointment.


This 35 minute video is a Torah Treasures production and features original music by Chanale Fellig, with a kol ish option for dads who want to enjoy Bella Brocha with their kids.  Bella Brocha The Talent Show! is distributed by Aderet Music and is available online and at your local Judaica store.

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