Danny Palgon

Danny Palgon – EIMOSAI (Official Lyric Video)

Danny Palgon – EIMOSAI (Official Lyric Video) ⁣

Produced and Arranged by ShuatheDJ⁣
Lyrics by Isaac Hidary ⁣
Lyric Video by Rafi Barides ⁣
PR: Sruly Meyer⁣

On the brink of an album release, Danny Palgon releases one last single to set the stage. This all new track, “Eimosai”, is a song about the power of NOW, the realization that we have to make the best of every moment. We need to have peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happened in the past or what will happen in the future, we only have control over this very moment.⁣

Links: ⁣
Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/palgonspotify​⁣
Instagram: http://tiny.cc/DannyPalgon-Instagram​​ ⁣
Facebook: http://tiny.cc/DannyPalgon-Facebook​​

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