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March 07, 2021 2 min read

Following his two critically acclaimed singles, “Chaver Sheli” and “Ashira Lashem” (feat. Ari Goldwag), former MBC soloist and budding Jewish music sensation Dovid Pearlman‘s long awaited debut album, “SHIRA SHEBALEV“, is finally here!

In what brings a fresh, fun, and original sound, Dovid’s album features surefire hits, ranging from the likes of new pop tracks, namely “Shira Shebalev” and “Hu Bashamayim“, to soulful ballads, such as “Asher Bara” and “Hamalach“. Dovid’s album is a carefully woven blend of all genres of Jewish music, meshing them together in a beautiful, cohesive, and harmonious way. This was methodically done in an effort to truly bring a song to the table for each listener to attach to.
Produced by the world class Doni Gross, with compositions by Chayala Neuhaus, Elkana M, and, of course, Dovidhimself, the album is a guarantee for you to get up, dance, and sing to Hashem!
The new era of Jewish music is here, and it starts with the song in our hearts, “Shira Shebalev“.

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Pre-order the album here: https://mostlymusic.com/collections/featured-music/products/shira-shebalev-dovid-pearlman

Song list:
1) Shira Shebalev – Composed by Dovid Pearlman, Zvika Bornstein
2) Find My Way – Composed by DP
3) Hu Bashamayim – Composed by DP and Miriam Israeli
4) Asher Bara – Composed by Doni Gross
5) Ashira Lashem (feat. Ari Goldwag)- Composed by Elkana M
6) We Can’t Thank You Enough – Composed by DG
7) Hamalach – (feat. Aryeh Pearlman, David Pearlman, and Zavel Pearlman) Composed by Zavel Pearlman ZT’L
8) Chaver Sheli – Composed by DP, ZB
9) Boi – Composed by DP
10) Hinei – Composed by Chayala Neuhaus
11) Sunrise – Composed by Elisheva Toiv