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Part 2 of “The adventures of the Shpy” is now streaming online

August 22, 2017 1 min read

Part 2 of “The adventures of the Shpy” is now streaming online.

The fun and excitement continues with “part 2”. There’s trouble in the air​. Agent 18 spotted a delivery man ​carrying boxes of “moldste​i​n chocolate” ​in​to a grocery store​ that sells “goldste​i​ns chocolate​!​” ​He immediately gets a funny feeling that the ​Yetzer ​Harah is up to no good​! Agent ​18 calls his boss, Agent ​613​, who then orders the Shpy and ​Feivel ​to get​ ​
to the bottom of it all.

The ​Shpy is the top secret agent at Tzivos ​Hashem and together with is sidekick ​Feivel do all they can to ​keep the ​Yetzer ​Horah from ​getting in the way of ​
Jewish children learning Torah and doing mitzvos.The Shpy uses humor and fun to teach children timely and timeless lessons.

Part 1 & 2 are available exclusively at www.TorahTreasure.com

The shpy appears in the children’s ​magezine ​The ​Moshiach ​Times to subscribe click here: https://www.chabad.org/kids/moshiachtimes/subscribe_cdo/aid/364406/jewish/Subscribe.htm

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