Rogers Park – Harninu [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

October 31, 2016 2 min read

A Tribute to Chabad

“Harninu” is the latest release from Rogers Park’s – “America’s Favorite Hassidic Folk Band.”

Yosef Peysin, songwriter and vocalist for Rogers Park, explains why this niggun was chosen as the first Lubavitcher niggun to be released by the duo since their inception in 2013:

“We are lucky enough to travel to, and meet with, dozens of communities throughout the year. Before every show we ask ourselves, if we are able to have the complete attention for many people for the next hour, what can we communicate that will make the greatest impact in our short time? We always come down to this basic message that, in our eyes, we sums up the avodah of Dor Hashvii.

The niggun of Harninu Goyim is a reference to the neshama as it is currently in the body. “Vos zul men zurgen…” translates to “What are we going to worry about what will be tomorrow when the debt collector will come?”

This is a reference to the end of our time when our neshama leaves our body and we will be held accountable for our choices and actions in this world.

“Es Meg Duch Zein…”

Whatever mitzvos we take and perform in this world, that is the bottom line, which can be considered the most important.

“Harninu Goyim…”

Eventually Moshiach will come and the Yidden as a klal will be raised up.

The question we should be asking ourselves: What are we doing today, maaseh b’poel, to bring Moshiach!??

We would like to give a special thank you to all that Chabad communites that have hosted us over this, and to all those that encouraged us to produce Chabad niggunim.

Rogers Park has been awarded “Continuum Theatre’s Best Chicagoland Jewish Band” and “Chabad’s Newest Music Craze”. Follow their music, tours, and antics on


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