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Ken Burgess – Somewhere to Belong

by yossi March 07, 2010 1 Comment

Four years after his third album was released, composer, singer and arranger Ken Burgess, is ready to release his fourth album, defined a musical masterpiece. The new album “Somewhere to Belong ” is a tribute to true Jewish music lovers. This is the one album that seemed the most invested in Jewish music in recent years. Burgess in his true way, composed the tunes, wrote the lyrics, and sang all the vocals himself.

No less than 20 musical tracks awaiting the listener on this masterful album. Ten of them are full songs with vocals, nine musical passages, no less exciting closing section landslide. The album can be heard in several styles and songs, and there is no style that repeats itself. One can connect the musical style, words and various layers of text content. . The uniqueness of the new album, I could hear him in one long piece, when the authors of musical passages to sing a song, making it one long work. However, you can hear every song on its own, including each of the passages divided into the album to 20 separate tracks.

Choosing songs, videos transition sequence is not accidental. Every sound, harmony and lyrics on the album are a means to transfer a message to the listener. The album describes a journey of life. May the knowledge, power, soul, a lie and the fear of youth, a place of peace, knowledge, insight and recognition is only one. Hearing the album is a journey. The music evokes different feelings, words that trigger different thoughts and finally both of the following experience to make sense of calm, hope, faith and strength in one and only.

“This is the most important album ever done,” says Burgess excitement album.First, because the musical investment. Two years of intensive work hours on – to get maximum precision and quality that I do not compromise on it. Second, this album, for me, is a big patch. 30 years ago, even when I was in England, I got this album , and despite the great success he had then, I felt an inner need to write new words, corrected and Jewish, those tunes”.

The album will be available distributed by Gal Paz in Israel.


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Greg Whitehead
Greg Whitehead

October 31, 2015

Please if you can get this one for sale LET ME KNOW!

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