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Chaim Yisrael & Lipa! Take New York By Storm

Last week Monday night and Tuesday afternoon, music fans in New York were treated to the concert of a lifetime. The shows produced by the new JME Live, reset the

Chaim Yisrael & Lipa First Time in New York – Rehearsal VIDEO

Check out the video below for footage of a rehersal for the Chaim Yisrael & Lipa First Time in New York show with the Freilach Orchestra and more. Get your


JME LIVE! presents LIPA & CHAIM YISRAEL FIRST TIME EVER IN NY Music by FREILACH Featuring: Mendy Hershkowitz, Avrumi Schreiber, Nachman DryerShaya Lieberman & More Chol Hamoed Sukkot 09-23-...

HASC XXVI Review/Recap

by Yossi Zweig Photos by Stan Weiss On January 8, 2012 The HASC summer program presented HASC 25, a concert celebrating a quarter of a century of great Jewish music

[EXCLUSIVE] Ve’yiyu Rachamecho – Eli Beer MUSIC VIDEO

Singing sensation Eli Beer continues to captivate listeners with his heartfelt compositions and stirring voice that is laden with both warmth and emotion. His unique style defies description with m...