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Just one short week ago during Chol Hamoed Succos in Brooklyn, New York, two of Jewish music’s biggest acts came together for a huge Simchas Beis Hashoeiva. Chasidic superstar singer

The Great Parade Thru The Lense of Photographer Baruch Ezagui

The Great Parade, a festive day of Jewish unity in honor of Lag BaOmer, was attended by thousands at 770 Eastern Parkway. Photographer Baruch Ezagui presents a gallery.

MBD Headlines “Great Parade”

[COLlive.com] Organizers of The Great Parade have announced the stars that are set to take the stage at this year’s Lag Ba’Omer Parade. This year’s parade welcomes back everyone’s favorite

Chaim Yisrael & Lipa! Take New York By Storm

Last week Monday night and Tuesday afternoon, music fans in New York were treated to the concert of a lifetime. The shows produced by the new JME Live, reset the

YBC Live! Succos ’13 with the Chevra [Photos]

The past Monday EG Productions held their annual YBC Live! Concert. This years concert was the taping for YBC Live! 5. The lineup of course included the Yeshiva Boys Choir

Avraham Fried & Abie Rotenberg Live! [Photos]

This past Sunday night Chol Hamoed Succos history was made at Queens College, where Avraham Fried and Abie Rotenberg took the stage in a EG productions show with guest star