Beatachon is the world’s premier Jewish A Cappella singing group, bringing a fresh and exciting new sound to the Jewish music scene. Beat’achon’s unique blend is part “doo-wop,” part pop and rhythm & blues, celebrating traditional Jewish lyrics with a vibrant contemporary musical style. The six-man ensemble combines rich vocal harmonies and catchy rhythms in its repertoire of original compositions and arrangements, ranging from spirited upbeat tunes to soulful ballads.


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Beatachon - West Side Zmirot
Beatachon - West Side Zmirot Sale price $14.99 USD
Beatachon - Beatachon 1
Beatachon - Beatachon 1 Sale price $14.99 USD
Beatachon - Ochel Nefesh
Beatachon - Ochel Nefesh Sale price $6.99 USD