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Dovid Gabay

Gabay began his musical career at age nineteen, singing at simchos. Since then Gabay has become one of Jewish music's fastest rising stars, delighting audiences worldwide. Gabays first album, "Legabay", was one of the hottest debut albums ever to be released and his second album "Omar Dovid" is one of the best selling Jewish albums of all time. His new album, "Eretz Yisroel", is sure to be a record breaker as well. Gabays mellifluous vocals have enhanced numerous albums including Aka Pella Platinum, Acheinu 3, Kumzing, Avodas Tzedaka, Miami Moshiach, Harei Yehuda, Hu Levado, Ki Ata Imadi, Sameach at the Wheel and Best of the Best.