Shalsheles & Shalsheles Junior

Shalsheles first introduced itself to the Jewish music scene in 1999. Shalsheles is a vocal musical group singing its own original compositions. The group consists of the composer Yitzchok Rosenthal, Baruch Aryeh, Chaim Block, and Simcha Sussman. Shalsheles' goal is to produce an updated musical sound, while remaining connected to the soul of Jewish Music and its past via a "chain," hence the name Shalsheles - meaning a chain or link within a Dynasty, the Dynasty being Jewish Music.

In each of the first three Shalsheles albums, there was always one song which featured a child soloist. These songs and the child vocalist were always extremely welcomed by the listeners. It was then that the idea came about to create a children’s group in the mold of Shalsheles and hence Shalsheles Junior was born. Shalsheles Junior exploded onto the Jewish music scene with its first album in 2006 and quickly became a crowd favorite at concerts.