Amichai Spigler Releases His Second Single “Ki Lecha Tov Lehodos”

October 28, 2014 1 min read

A few months ago Amichai Spigler released his first single Shuvi Nafshi, and now is releasing a second single called Ki Lecha Tov Lehodos. Shpigler is 23 and lives in Raanana. Already as a young child he was well connected to Chassidic music deeply in his soul. His grandfather, Chazan Meir Schicker Z”L was a well-known Baal Tefillah in Fairlawn, New Jersey, as well as in Ramat Gan after he made Aliyah.

Amichai believes he inherited his grandfather’s vocal talents. Already at his Bar Mitzvah, he and his twin brother sang a new song that was composed by Yuval Shtuppel special for the event. From then on he attempted to sing at any opportunity that came his way as well as serving as shliach tzibbur in his Shul from time to time. The encouragement from friends and family pushed him to develop himself as a musical professional and he began to also compose his own original material.

A decade after his Bar Mitzvah, Amichai went to the recording studio with arranger Daniel Bensimon, and the result was his first single Shuvi Nafshi, released only a few months ago.

Now he is releasing his second single-Ki Lecha tov Lehodos, the lyrics of which he took from Tehillim, to which Amichai feels very connected. The Yedidim Choir joined with vocals, and Shmuel Yonah and Daniel Bensimon did the musical production.

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