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Amichai Spigler

In Honor Of His Wedding Singer Amichai Spigler Releases New Single “Mi Von Siach”

Singer Amichai Spigler recently released a new Chuppah song, in honor of his wedding and in anticipation of his upcoming debut album, soon to be released. After his major success

Amichai Spigler – With A Special Single For Pesach “L’shana Haba”

After he conquered the dance floor with the hit “Zakeini L’sameach” which became the most sought-after song among grooms and brides, Amichai Spigler releases another single for Passover called “L’s...

Amichai Spigler Releases His Second Single “Ki Lecha Tov Lehodos”

A few months ago Amichai Spigler released his first single Shuvi Nafshi, and now is releasing a second single called Ki Lecha Tov Lehodos. Shpigler is 23 and lives in

Rising Star Amichai Spigler Releases His Debut Single “Shuvi Nafshi”

23 year old Amichai Spigler is married and lives in Raanana. Already at a young age he was connected to Chassidic music with every ounce of his soul. His grandfather,