By Yael Haber
Yochai Sheli, General Manager of Shelley’s Too Pizza on route 306 in Wesley Hills, Monsey, proves with his “Learn and Earn” promotion that with the right incentives,(and great food!) any place can be a “makom torah”. Dine-in patrons who learn a minimum of 10 minutes during their meal will enjoy a 10% savings+ 100% “schar”–all compliments of Yochai and the Sheli family who are even supplying a selection of sefarim(tho diners are free to bring their own). Next time you’re in the area be sure to stop by for a slice,a falafel,some sushi and to give Yochai a yasher koach for some refreshingly innovative thinking!…he’ll be easy to find, he’s the one behind the counter either serving or with a sefer(and he doesn’t even get the discount!)

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