Benny Friedman & Baruch Levine - V'shavu Banim (Single)

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V'shavu Banim
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Looking back at the trail of tears behind them

the past they cherished disappeared from sight

hearts torn from the home they’d never see again

Thrust into an exile, wanderers of the night


But along the road she waited

For her children

For who else but a mother eases pain

Her resting place was chosen for this reason

To be that one lone space of comfort that remains



So we carry our prayers to you mamme rochel

With no more words and only tears - to you mamme rochel

When our world seems to end, we come back to you again

Mamme don’t stop asking when mamme mamme rochel


Mamme you did not ask why mamme mamme rochel

Mamme you did not ask how mamme mamme rochel

But please don’t hold back your tears

Let your voice be heard again

Mamme don't stop asking when

Mamme mamme rochel


Kol berama nishma……


When our lives have been shaken 

It is here that we feel safe

So we turn to you- 
there's nowhere else to run

The future feels uncertain

But in this promise we have faith

Veshavu veshavu vanim legvulam

V'shavu Banim
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