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David Landesman

David Landesman & Shimshon Yehoshua - Eliyahu Hanavi


David Landesman and Shimshon Yehoshua live in Yerushalayim. David is married and learning in Kollel. Shimshon is learning in Yeshiva. These two talented young men have been playing music together for many years. After having o many fans telling them that they should release an album, the duo is finally embarking on their musical careers. The debut single entitled “Eliyahu Hanavi” is now available as a FREE download. Eliyahu Hanavi was composed by Shimshon Yehoshua and arranged, recorded and sung by David Landesman. The mixing, mastering, and drums were done by David Epstein of Shemesh Music Studio. The words are from zemiros of Motzei Shabbos.


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