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Eliezer Auerbach Music

Eliezer Auerbach - Hayom Kotzer


Eliezer Auerbach is part of a musical dynasty and is now releasing his very own single.

Eliezer is the grandson of the legendary Chazzan Yitzchak Braun, who served for 35 years as chazan in Englewood, New Jersey and great grandson of the chief Chazzan in the main Shul in Vienna before WWII.Auerbach has studied at the  yeshivos of Kol Torah, Pachad Yitzchak, and Mir.And has been magid  shiur in Johannesburg for the last thirteen years

In the past decade, he has served as  Chazzan for Yomim Noraim in Kehilas Ohr Sameach, in Cape Town, South Africa. Recently, he has received many requests to release a CD of his own many compositions. This is his first impressive single from his upcoming debut album, which is mostly produced by the talented Yoely Dickman.


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