MAM Manuscripts

Frimi & Liz Tatz - Melech (Single)


Kol Isha

When we first met, it became apparent that we had a lot in common. Music had brought us together but we had the makings of a real friendship. After lots of conversations, laughs and a mutual respect for each other's singing qualities, we knew we had to bring out a song together. After a few choice ideas, our ears and hearts fell upon this greatly loved song. It's power and beauty is undeniable. But we had to make it ours and put our signatures on it. So we sat down and composed english lyrics which we felt imbued the songs beauty and meaning as well as doing justice to its hebrew counterpart. We recorded our parts, shot a stunning video showcasing Hashem's beautiful world and here we are... sharing our hearts and souls with all of you. We are so proud, not only of this song, but also of the way music brought two people together from very different backgrounds in a harmonious way, truly showing that there is strength in support, uniqueness and unity. We hope you love this as much as we do! Love, Liz & Frimi


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