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Matt Dubb - Adama V'shamayim (Single)

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Adama V'shamayim
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Chaim .
Tune & words originate from avoda zara earth worshippers

Unhappy that a song originating from Avoda zara is being sold as a frum kosher song. At the very least change the lyrics to the tune.

I.M Mad

I have no words to describe this (I don’t know if you can even call it a song or maybe it’s just noise) song. We are yidden Hakadosh Baruch Hu chosen nation, we don’t sing songs of Avodah Zarah! 10 years ago songs used to be inspiring I remember when my grandfather was a kid and went to shul in Yom Kippur with Yossele Rosenblatt that was kedusha not noise. No one came up and sang adamah. It sounds like karate. Ad Can


I literally listened to the EXACT song in the English version online on a website with religious worshipers songs. Literally its for people who worship the ground and sky.... If you listen you are momish serving avodah zara. Im still figuring why in the world a Jewish singer would take a song from worshipers and make it into a Jewish song!!?? DONT HARM YOURSELF!!! by the way I don't want to rate it any stars its just in order to give feedback I had to.

Y. H.
עבודה זרה!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS A GOISHER SONG DO NOT LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yehuda w.
Song based and a copy of a idol-worship/pagan music / song

Song and tune is very nice - but just found out and a quick google search confirms it to be true - this song the tune AND Words is a totally Pagan I.e. Avodah Zora song Google the song “strong wind, deep water’ the tune is exact same as well as words/chant of Ay ya Ay ya yo etc... and the words are the same thing just in English with some minor variations it was made by pagan earth/nature worshippers. so listening to this song can involve Some serious issurim.... It might sound too crazy TB true, but do u want to take that chance ?? It’s one thing to be based on or same as a non-Jewish song it’s another thing entirely to be based on idol-worship lastly the song itself is actually completely copied tune and words From an Israeli- Buddhist style music group known as Segol as well backedup By a quick Google / YouTube search of “Brit Kim” and song name “adama vashamayim” brings up the same song created over 4 years ago even though this song only came out 1-2 yrs ago So now you just have outright plagiarism P.s. if ur a man just a heads up that the originals I mentioned may be sung by a woman