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Motty Atias - Ker Mich Tzirik (Single)


Motty Atias the composer of the popular songs "Rabbi Ich Benk" and "Min Hamytzar" that was released a short while ago is here once again with another beautiful song called "Ker Mich Tzirik" yet inspiring song that will talk and inspire every Jewish heart and soul.

This song is in memory of Motty's good friend Ari Fried A"H that left the world just a few hours after writing this song, so Motty took on himself to dedicate this song in his memory. May his Neshoma have an Aliya.

In these holy days before we approach Rosh Hashanah many people feel very far from Hashem, after a full year that we struggled, now we all want to be better and get closer to Hashem. so we ask Hashem even though I feel far from you I wanna return to you and be close to you.

Let's hope that this will inspire each and everyone of us to return back to the roots and just be close to him.

I would like to take the word in the name of All my supports to thank my great friend & music producer Hershy Leitner for his hard work in this song and for bringing his talents for the 3rd time with the best music Production. Thanks Hershy for everything you have done for me!!

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Ker Mich Tzirik