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Naki Radio - Home Model


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Revolutionary Jewish Radio


NakiRadio is the first wifi radio player streaming only pre-approved Jewish channels.
Our programming includes live streaming channels and library options you can select and play at will.
Select and customize the channels that appear on your radio with our user Portal.


Live-Streaming Channels


A Shazak Parsha Project
A Taste of Yesteryear
Audiobooks by A Maggid’s Market
Back to the Beis Medrash
Chabad Music
Chabad Torah Classes
Chizuk During Corona
Decade in Review
Get into the Rhythm
Geula FM
Israel One
Jewish Bedtime Stories
Jewish Hits
Jewish Radio Network
Jewish Roots
JewishMusic Stream
JRoot Radio
Just A Moment
Just Kids

Kol Bramah Lakewood
Kol Chai Music
Mellow Instrumental
Mizrahit for the Soul
Nachum Segal Network
Off to Meron
On the Parenches
Radio Kol Bramah
Radio Kol Chai
Radio Kol Haneshama
Scoop Kids
Scoop Music
Scoop Talk
Seven Seventy
Shabbos Delight
SYNY Radio
Towards Evening
Yemenite Tempo


NakiRadio Library


12 Minute Halacha
5 Minute Kevius with Rabbi Avigdor Miller
Dr S Yaroslawitz
Ask Rabbi Miller
Back to the Past
Bitachon Through Hallel
cRc Kashrus
Daf A Week
Daf Yomi
Daily Holy Story by Rabbi Eli Ben Haim
Daily Mishna with Yecheskel Schmendrik
Dvar Halacha Yomi

Gedolim Stories
Go Simcha Podcast
Great Jewish Podcast
Jewish History with Rabbi Dr. Dovid Katz
JM in the AM
JM in the AM Interviews
JM in the AM Weekly Update
Kollel Horaah of Marlboro
Living Torah with Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron
Mishna Rishona
Money Halacha
Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld

Rabbis Podcast
Rebbe’s Mussar Stories
Start Your Day the Torah Way
Stories to Inspire
Tehillim Kol Avrohom
The Great Big Gevaldig Podcast
The Navi Podcast
The Rabbi Berel Wein Podcast
The Rabbi Orlofsky Show
The Rabbi Palacci Podcast
The Shmuz
The Story Collection from TorahAnytime Kids
The Taryag Mitzvos by Eli Wax
The Yaakov M Show Lite
The Yeshiva World Podcast
Today in Jewish History
TorahAnytime Parsha
Toras Avigdor
Virtual Yeshiva with Rabbi Shay Tahan
Zera Shimshon