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Shiras Hatorah

Shiras Yerushalayim - Never Alone (for women & girls)


It is exciting to get new music, something that you haven’t heard before.  The Kef Shir Girls' Choir brings you a fresh new sound to accompany you throughout the year - whether at home, work, school or traveling, ‘Never Alone’ is sure to add to the atmosphere!  Kef Shir brings you genuine Jewish music with a current feel and professional sound. All original melodies, arranged by Jeff Horvitch with live instrumentation.

Most albums and singers have a distinct style.  You hear the opening notes of a song and know who the performer is.  ‘Never Alone’ is distinct in its own way.  Each song on this album was crafted from a life experience creating for each it’s own flavor; different in arrangement, style and beat.   Every melody was written to encapsulate an emotion - from uplifting to poignant to hopeful and others in between.   Some touch your heart, some are fun and will get you moving, but all are set to inspire you with their own unique message.

The last few years have brought us a wide variety of music performed by women for women.  But when the Kef Shir choir was established in Yerushalyim, there weren’t that many music outlets available for frum women.  Growing from the founding group of four girls to 200 girls and women from Yerushalayim and Ramat Beit Shemesh Kef Shir is now well known and loved locally. The time has come to make their music available to female audiences around the world.