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Chanoch Krohn

Ophie Nat - Shema Bekoli Acapella

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Avi Silver was a young man who was desperately ill with Cancer. He and his incredible mother (Bracha Silver) exhibited extraordinary Emunah in Hashem throughout their ordeal.

A year in a half ago while visiting, Abie Rotenbergoffered to write a song in honor of Avi. Avi and Bracha chose the words HASHEM, SHIMAH B’KOLI – TIHYENA AZNEICHA KASHUVOS L’KOL TACHANUNAI. Abie wrote music to those words and an arrangement was crafted by Toronto musician and engineer Eli Woznica.

Their hope was that all who listen to this song will be inspired to pray and elevate these special words of Dovid Ha’melech and storm the heavens on behalf of CHAIM AVRAHAM ZALMAN ben KREINDEL NECHAMA BRACHA, bringing Refuos and Yeshuos to him and all those in need of Rachamei Shomayim.

Tragically, Avi passed away earlier this year.

Recently, renowned singer Ophie Nat heard the song, and was so moved by Avi’s story and melody that he wanted to remind people that we can and should always cry out to Hashem in our time of need and when bnei yisrael are in troubled times. Now especially during the three weeks when we are in between two very bad times for the Jewish people, the message is more important than ever. This acapella version of Shima Bekoli is being released as a FREE download to ensure that Abie’s original message spreads and that those that need their tefilos should be answered with the unity of all klal yisroel praying for them.

The song was produced by Nochi Krohn @ Nochi Krohn Studios, and arranged by Nochi and Ophie himself. Shimah B’koli is available for FREE download on MostlyMusic.com .


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Shema Bekoli (5:00)

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United States

    Ophie Nat - Harachamon

    I purchased Harachaman, a classic Ophie Nat song. That song really moves me.


      wow amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It is the first time i heard this song and i absolutly agree with all of you it is stunning, keep it up, keep on dong these amazing songs abie!!!!!!!!!!!!!



        Such an inspiring song!!! I didn't have anything to listen to one day,and I put this on, and I couldn't stop listening to it!! Job well done!


          Great song, great voice

          A song with simple beauty, only enhanced by the acapella style. Of course, if R' Abie composed it! The singing is also powerful, eloquent--overall an inspiring and enjoyable song. Shkoyach to all involved


            so moving

            Wow, Abie Rottenberg has done it again, this is a instant classic