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Project Hope - Trailblazers (Video)


Project Hope Presents:

Trail blazers - A comedy

RUNTIME - approx 1 hour

A group of friends form an organization to help others in time of crisi. Join them on their hilarious escapades in this non-stop action comedy film.

Starring: MAlkie Knopfler, Gila Silber, Mindy Ratner, Tzippy Weisz, Treindy Felberbaum, Lynda Zentman, Debbie Loebenberg, Sara Silber, Leah Goldstein


Life isn’t easy for Dina, a teenager who lives in a hotel with a group of eccentric and zany guests. This film showcases a hilarious mix involving an angry inspector, a really cute rat, and Sara, a runaway seeking to discover her heritage. You’ll laugh and cry along with the cast as you discover that life is all about PASSING INSPECTION!!