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Rabbi Jake - Vol 1

by: Rabbi Jake

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Rabbi Jake is a singer, songwriter, beloved educator and children’s entertainer. His original compositions are super-catchy, and his songs are full of Jewish values and content that speak to the Jewish child’s heart and soul. His debut album, Rabbi Jake: Volume 1, has been dubbed “The Future of Jewish Children’s Music” and his fresh sound and amazing messages will be sure to entertain the entire family. This is the Jewish children’s music album that children and even parents are wanting to listen to, over and over again!

Rabbi Jake is the most popular up and coming national act of Jewish children's music.  His unique concerts are high in demand as he continues to land bookings across the country.  Rabbi Jake concerts often combine LED lighting, bubble machines, glow-sticks, candy, and professional sound and have been known to give children and families a truly magical Jewish experience.

Check out Rabbi Jake's debut music video below and allow your children to learn the Aleph Beis like never before!

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