Sarah Dukes

Sarah Dukes - Raining Rockets

'Raining Rockets' was composed last summer during the Gaza War, when daily headlines highlighted the incessant rockets raining down on Israel. This song reflects feelings of helplessness, fear, and loss of control we all felt at the time. Yet despite the fact that rockets continued to rain down for weeks, G-d comforted us. He was there with us, guarding and protecting us, showing us revealed good and open miracles. Recently, the Jewish community has suffered a number of painful tragedies, leaving us feeling as though rockets are once again raining down upon us. In times such as these, I try to remember the protection G-d showed us throughout that difficult summer. I know that He is here with us always, waiting to deliver comfort and revealed miracles once again. 
May we merit to be reunited with all our loved ones immediately, with the coming of Moshiach.
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Raining Rockets (2:40)