Shimmy Rabinowitz

Shimmy Rabinowitz - Odeh Hashem (Single)

In preparation for the youngest child of the Boyaner Rebbe Shlit"a chasuna which took place in Israel last December, Rabbi Yehoshua Rabinowitz composed this beautiful uplifting dance song “Odeh Hashem”.

Rabbi Yehoshua's son Shimmy, who is a wonderful vocalist, in a unique situation, took upon himself to produce and sing the song his father composed. 

Shimmy sat with renowned musician Yanky Levy to create the music, putting in his professional touch to the song.
Shimmy then took this amazing music and recorded vocals at Yufeh Studio where the choir was also arranged and recorded. 

Hear for yourself and be uplifted by this amazing song!

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Produced and sung by, Shimmy Rabinowitz

Composed by, Rabbi Yehoshua Rabinowitz

Music by, Yanky Levy 

Choir and vocal recorded @ The Yufeh Studio 

Mixed and mastered by, Hershy Pavel 

Graphics by, Shmili Shtuhl

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Odeh Hashem