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Shmuly Schneider- Hisyatzivu (Single)


Releasing his debut single, rising star, Shmuly Schneider, composes and sings Hisyatzivu. A stirring song with an inspirational message;

Dear Friends,

This song came to me on a flight back from ארץ ישראל after a particularly uplifting visit. I was thinking about the concept of thanking ה' even when things aren’t easy, and how doing so at such a time can yield a tremendous power to bring forth the desired ישועה. As we say   להגיד בבקר חסדך ואמונתך בלילות– through our אמונה and gratitude to ה' when its לילה and we can’t see or understand, we’ll be זוכה to praise and thank ה', בבקר when the ישועה comes and His חסד is apparent.

This song is dedicated to all the singles out there eagerly waiting for the sea to split.

התיצבו וראו את ישועת ה'

Looking forward!


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