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Techeiles - It's Not All Black & White

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Chaim M.
Response to Noam Dirov

The video is Amazing!!! I studied a lot of the material pro and con. Obviously this video doesn't and can't contain all of the massive amount of information. But it gives a concise overview of the sugya. It's very captivating and very well done, so it serves it's purpose to get people to be interested in the subject. The pro arguments which I read are very compelling, as are the pro arguments presentred in the video. As far as the con arguments you don't have to be The Vilna Gaon to realize that they are mostly misinterpretations and disinformation. כולו הפך לבן טהור also very much makes the impression that it is trying to squeeze in to the texts interpretations which simply don't fit.

With regret I can't give this 5 stars

A caveat: I am not at all knowledeable about these sugyas. I don't have an opinion. I accept that there are many Rabbis, all of whome know this subject way better than me, that wear the blue. And of course I have no criticism at all for any of the people interviewed for this film. I must also be don that those who made the film had only the best intentions. Ok, now here's the review: I have literally never seen a 'torah' film with such incredible production values and attention to detail. It is truly outstanding. The visuals, the soundtrack. Stunning! No question made by absolute professionals and no expense spared. So why 1 star. I wish it could be 5. But this film is simply pro murex (hexaplex) trunculus propaganda. This film is a device for spreading the use of 'the murex' amongst us. It acts, I think very successfully, in breaking down the resistance regular frum people have for wearing techeles. And as well as this, what I object to, strongly, is that it attempts to do so by disguising itself as a fair and balanced, objective look at the evidence. This is not so. Rabbis that object - some of them very big people, are cut short and often made to look foolish, by having pro murex rabbis refute them straight away. They are not even given the chance to respond. This is a chuztpeh. A Chutzpeh! Also it is clear that the fantastic soundtrack is used to re-enforce this : the pro murex rabbis get stiring upbeat music playing whilst they speak, while the anti or non murex rabbis get slower sadder music. Maybe this was an coincidence! There is an unfortunate section at the end which says in so many words: "Since the chilazon has been proven to be the murex, why don't the 'traditionalists' (gedolim, rebbes and great roshei yeshiva) wear it? It's beacuse its new and strange. But as more and more people wear it, it will gradually become accepted - of course you should ask your rov first about what you should do." I believe that there is a not so subtle message that many 'traditionalists' are too old or too affraid of change to wear techeles. This kind of approach does no credit to the pro-murex lobby, and though it may result in an increase of blue wearers I fear that such a film will r"l reduce the covod of the 'tradionalists' in the eyes of the people. Surely this isn't what anyone wants. I think had the film been called something like "Why the murex is the chilazon" and point by point explained the pro murex position I feel this would be a more honest and less harmful film. To attempt to disguise itself as a balanced look at the sugya, and to mevatel the opinion of many great rabbis by appealing to ad hominem pyschological reasoning is wrong. What a shame!

Shaul M.
Really clear explanation

I found it interesting, and it clarified a lot of questions I had. Definitely worth a watch if you want to understand the techeiles topic.

Elli M.
United States

Could never get it to work on my phone so I never watched it.Bad interface


WOW!! This video is really amazing! I never saw something so professional and entertaining like this. I think that whoever sees this video will get convinced that the Murex is 100% the real Techeiles.