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Aviva Productions

Aviva Productions - The Afikomen Treasure Chest

As heard on the Mishpacha Jr. Hotline 
Get ready for over 8 HOURS of audio fun for the entire family! 
  • Yaakov Koriel: A Jewish Pirate's Revenge - sail the high seas with a Jewish pirate out for revenge against Spain and the Inquisition    
  • Elya the Gvir - master storyteller Benny Wielgus will make you smile and think as Elya learns a valuable lesson about giving
  • The Emperor's Secret - the debut Mind Theater production that has delighted thousands of kids (and adults) all over the world. 
  • The Ringer - not your normal interview show. Join the star of the Mishpacha Jr. Hotline as he interviews today's well known Jewish personalities    

Sample Tracks