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The Rebbe's Niggunim - DVD (Chabad Version)


Between the years of 1954 and 1963, the Rebbe reintroduced and taught 14 niggunim that had been forgotten over time. Known affectionately as “The Rebbe’s Niggunim”, the Rebbe imparted the meaning and message behind each niggun to the Chassidim.
Join Zaidy as he brings 7 of these Niggunim to life by explaining the setting of when the Rebbe taught the Niggunim and the stories the Rebbe told before he would teach the new niggun.
Brought to life with exciting music videos with some of the most popular singers, as they sing the Niggunim and act out their stories and messages. Highlighted throughout, are clips of the Rebbe singing the Niggunim and beautiful drawings depicting these special moments.

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