Kol Noar is Coming!

kol-noarJust in case you you haven’t heard, Kol Noar Boys Choir is coming. The cover art from their debut album was all over the place yesterday and it certainly had people talking. It looks like no other Jewish CD out there and for good reason. It is like no other Jewish CD out there.

The face of Jewish music has changed dramatically in the last few years. Music lovers everywhere are demanding original songs, solid arrangements and top notch productions. And we demand excellence. From our solo artists, our groups and, yes, even our boys choirs.

Enter Mo Kiss. If you’ve never heard of Mo Kiss, then either you don’t love Jewish music or you have been living under a rock. Aside from his work on Kol Noar, Mo has contributed his talents to superstar Lipa Schmeltzer, Michoel Pruzansky and Yossi Green, just to name a few. And if you’ve heard AKA Pella, you have most certainly heard Mo Kiss and his work.

Which is why people are drooling over Kol Noar’s new CD. While Mo is marketing his choir as funky and edgy, there are beautiful, soulful songs on the CD as well. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I am one of the chosen few. I have actually heard a few of the songs on this CD. And all I can say is this: Mo has put together a solid CD. His unique sound, fresh songs and trademark harmonies make this album a welcome addition to the world of Jewish music. I am literally counting down the days until this CD comes out.

If you thought the cover art was groundbreaking, just wait till you hear the music. Fasten your seatbelts, everybody. You’re in for an awesome ride!!

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