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[Video] AKA Pella – The Jew Who Can’t Be Moved

by Mayer Werdyger December 25, 2014

A.K.A. Pella has done it again! Another awesome holiday song! But this one’s got a more serious and meaningful feel to it. The Jew Who Can’t be Moved, based on The Man Who Can’t be Moved, by The Script, is a Chanukah song about the perseverance of the Jew, despite the external and internal challenges he may face. Though the culture around us may at times tempt us away from our path, and at times threaten our very existence, we stand strong with the knowledge that our way is true, and our Creator is always looking out for us.

The track was created from scratch (though it sounds very much like the original, except with major upgrades) by the talented Adam Shapiro (email for more info on his incredible skills and availability). The lyrics were written by A.K.A. Pella’s own Yonah Laster and Shuie Alter.

The vocals were recorded by Sara Strobel, at Wavefront Studio (as seen in studio footage) 410-764-SING
Additional background vocals recorded by Jason Goldglancz, 718-578-5089

This inspiring and fun video (filmed and edited on Chanukah!) depicts a Jew (A.K.A. Pella’s Shmuel Braun) who continues to try and spread light, despite being turned down repeatedly. Eventually he succeeds in convincing a Yid to partake in the mitzvah of menorah, at which point 3 more A.K.A. Pella members (Yonah, Shuie and CD) join in the celebration, bringing others along for some dancing and good cheer.
Watch this great video, listen to this poweful song, and you’ll be sure to keep your inner flame burning well past Chanukah!

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Gonna light the menorah like you taught me to
Light the candles and keep ‘em there, they’ll light up the room
Got the words you told me, got this picture in my head
As I fill the cup with oil, it reminds me who I am

Low 2
Some men cave in to money, they don’t understand
They’re just broke – broken inside by whims of man
I know it’s hard to grasp, I know it’s hard to do
But take a look deep down at the flame inside of you

‘Cause if one day I wake up and find the world seems so free
And my heart starts to wonder if there’s more out there for me
I’ll think of all that you’ve taught me ’bout who they forced us to be
And you’ll see me learning Torah, won’t take orders from the Greeks

So I’m not moving, I’m not moving

Low 3
The Greeks they said “No you can’t learn here”
I would never give in to them if it’s a day, a month, a year
Gotta stand be proud, through all the highs and the lows
If I lower my standards, there’s no telling where I’ll go

Chorus 2
‘Cause if one day I wake up and find the odds against me
And my heart starts to wonder if I could win possibly
I’ll think of all that you’ve taught me ’bout Judah the Maccabee
And one teeny jug of oil burning longer than a week

So I’m not moving, I’m not moving

People talk about the guy that lives in his own world
Yeah he follows all the rules every mitzvah’s like a pearl
And maybe I’ll get famous as the Jew who can’t be moved
Maybe I won’t mean to but I’ll educate the youth
And they’ll come running to the Torah
‘Cause they know that it’s the truth
I’m the Jew who can’t be moved
And no Jew should ever move

Chorus 3
‘Cause if one day I wake up and find great adversity
And my heart starts to wonder if it’s the last dawn I’ll see
I’ll think of all that you taught me about my G-d’s love for me
And I’ll see Him bring the strong into the scarred hands of the weak

Chorus 4
‘Cause if one day I wake up and find my serenity
And my heart will not worry there will be no enemies
I’ll think of all that you taught me ’bout our final destiny
And you’ll see me waiting for you ‘midst the milk and the honey
So I’m not moving, I’m not moving

Gonna light the menorah like you taught me to
Light the candles and I’ll be here, I’m not gonna move

Mayer Werdyger
Mayer Werdyger

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