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Hi! Here’s my review on Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz’s album SHIR. I’ve been enjoying this album immensely. The beauty of this album is the full orchestration. No techno here! Also, it’s amazing how each artist fits his song perfectly.

The album starts off with Yimale Pidelivered smoothly by Levi Falkowitz. Excellent vocals! The song transposes the second time around. Great opening track!

Veseorevis a beautiful 3- part song sung by Mordechai Ben David and Motti Steinmetz. A piano introduces this very hartzige track. The choir does great backup here, as well as on the entire album.

Menagen. Sung by Shloime Daskal. The choir starts off the low while Shloime kicks in for the high part. I happen to love Shloime and he sings this up-tempo song well. We’ve got some horns and violin alternating for the intro.

El Hanaar Hazeh. This song was released as a music video before the album release. Shlomo Yehuda composed it for his nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. Beautiful song. It’s sung by Motty Steinmetz, Moishe Mendlowitz, Levi Falkowitz and Shira Choir. It starts off with the piano, and the violin joins soon thereafter. There’s some pretty guitar for the interlude. I love how the song transitions from 3 beat to 4- beat and back.

Uree Banim. Sung by Moishe Mendlowitz. Love the kids’ choir on this. They add a lot.

Ki Besimcha. This song is one of my favorites. Sung by two Isrealis, Itzik Dadya and Uziah Tzadok. The blend beautifully and make a great duet.

Eitz Chaim. This hora starts with a steady beat. Sung by Motty Steinmetz and MBD. Great Second Dance song! (Seems like Shlomo Yehuda likes the combo of these two:)

Rachem. Sung by the one and only Avraham Fried. No ellaboration needed. The vocals are stunning and do justice to this hartzig song. The ‘Ben Dovid Avdecha bridge’ is beautiful!

Lo Yisa Goi. Lipa sings this fast-paced song. I would think he composed it himself! It’s 3-Part song with a cool mock-ending.

Shomer. This song is sung by Isreali child -prodigy Uziah Tzadok. Shlomo Yehuda composed it while the search for the three kedoshim Gilad, Naftali and Eyal, was still on. Uziah sings it with a lot of feeling. Another favorite of mine.

Elokei. Sung by Yoely Greenfield. This song is a skip for me.

Yehi Ratzon. Ahhhh! I love this one. Starts off with a sax solo. I absolutely love Shlomo Yehuda’s vocals on the low part. He sings with raw feeling. MBD takes over on the high. Wow.. Gorgeous! The choir behind MBD is excellent!

Hinei. Benny Friedman sings this song. Very relaxed albeit upbeat tune. This song has an old time feel to it.

Vearastich. Sung by Moishe Mendlowitz. Very nice smooth song. Nothing jumps out on me on this one.

Ko Sevarchu. The Kinderlach are here! Great song. Cool “Shalom, Shalom” harmony!

B’sheim. Sung by Motty Steinmetz. Very hartzig.

Uvechanuni. The song starts off with Ohad singing some words I still haven’t figured out. (anyone ?:) Then we get some great steady beats and powerful vocals! There’s some yiddish thrown in for good measure.

The album ends with Itzik Dadya singing Mi Adir. This is the only song not composed by Shlomo Yehuda. Its start with a single key on the piano. Itzik sings this song really well.

Album summary: Great album with diverse artists and beautiful songs. Get it now!

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