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Chanukas Beis Hamidrash “Heichal Shimshon” L’zichro Shimshon Delevkovitz z”l

Last Sunday in Yeshivas Derech Hayashar in Afula, there was a Chanukas Beis Hamidrash “Heichal Shimshon“, in memory of Shimshon Delevkovitz. The Yeshiva is led by R’ Chaim Horovitz Shlita,

Itzik Dadya Launches His Third Album “Mechavein El Ha’Or”

A few days ago Itzik Dadya held a release concert for his new album “Mechavein El Ha’Or” in Tel Aviv. The event started with a siyum and some Divrei Bracha

“Emunah” The New Single From Itzik Dadya

A week before the release of his new album “Mechaven El Ha’or“, Itzik Dadya releases the latest single from the new album. The song entitled “Emunah” has a special middle

Israeli Boy Band The Kinderlach Launch Their New Album: Make It Happen

Yesterday, (Monday) Isreali boy band the Kinderlach launched their new album: Make It Happen. The new album debut was a flashy and fancy event featuring guests from Israel and abroad.

Kinderlach 3: Make It Happen New album To Be Released With Special Tu B’Av Performance

The time has come. The New Kinderlach album entitled “Kinderlach 3: Make It Happen“. The album which boasts 12 unique song also features a slew of guest appearances including: Lipa,

The Kinderlach featuring Ohad!: Pirchei Medley

The Kinderlach are gearing up for the release of their third album due to hit stores Tu B’Av. In anticipation of the new album the Kinderlach just released a second