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DJ Raidz: Mini Album #1

Part of a new series DJ RAIDZ presents Mini album Vol1 the album contains 4 songs for only 3 dollars. You can either purchase the on DJRaidz.com here or donate

DJ Raidz – Club Tantz 2

DJ Raidz is back with a all new cd “Club Tantz 2″.  The album will only be available on the NEW DJRaidz.com website the only place where you can find

New Song from DJ Raidz

Here is a song from DJ Raidz, producer of Club Tantz and Mimamakim Jewish dance CD’s. DJ Raidz is hard at work on a third CD and a new website.

The SHOW #2

    Yossi & Yodo are back for “The SHOW” part deux. More music, news and just hocking around. They interview superstar a capella meister MIKE BOXER on his new


Sameach Music presents, a brand new CD CLUB TANTZ! produced by DJ RAIDZ, featuring upbeat Jewish Dance music. This CD will be in stores in time for chanukah. For more