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Gad Elbaz – Open Up [Official Music Video]

It’s where upscale meets gourmet, where grocery shopping is transformed into an experience so joyous, you might just find yourself dancing down Breadberry’s carefully choreographed aisles. This all...

Gad Elbaz – A Mother’s Dream‎ [Official Music Video]

Through all the ups and downs of childhood, the many milestones of life and the trials and tribulations of our everyday existence, there is no moment more poignant in any


Ateret Cohanim & Born Entertainment Proudly Present SHABBAT NACHAMU UNITY CONCERT s t a r r i n g GAD ELBAZ & 8TH DAY Also Starring NACHAS, SHLOMO SCHWED &

Gad Elbaz & Ovadia Chamama: Tefilla L’Shalom Chayalei IDF Soldiers

The prayer for the welfare of the soldiers of the IDF is always relevant, but even more so nowadays as our soldiers are giving of themselves completely to capture the

Gad Elbaz & Naftali Kalfa “Bring Back Our Boys” A Song & Prayer For The Safe Return Of Our Missing Brothers

Composed by Naftali Kalfa & Shlomi Cohen Vocals: Gad Elbaz & Naftali Kalfa Guitars: Shlomi Cohen Produced & Arranged by Amit Golan Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Amit Golan at

​Gad Elbaz & Beni Elbaz: Esh Shel Mashiach [Offical Music Video]

Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz is literally on fire in his latest music video, titled Esh Shel Mashiach. Following on the heels of Elbaz’s blockbuster single, Hashem Melech, released last summer,