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18% for 18 Hours on R’ Shlomo’s 18th Yartzeit!

Mostly Music presents a special limited time offer sale on all R’ Shlomo Carlebach albums on his 18th Yartzeit. 18% OFF for just 18 hours! (Sale start at 8 AM

What’s Coming Up From MostlyMusic.com!

Mostly Music presents a one on one with Benny Friedman, Shauly Waldner, the Puppets of Mitzvah Boulevard, and Naftali Schnitzler discussing their new upcoming releases. Naftali is speaking as producer

8th Day in Mostly Music

Shmuel Marcus of 8th Day, was in Mostly Music on 13th Avenue today signing CD’s of the groups brand new release, “All You Got“, now in stores. Check out this

Mostly Music Launches All New Music Downloader! Get Lipa’s Leap of Faith Just $9.99!

The brand new album from Lipa Schmeltzer is now available! You can get the CD in stores everywhere. Mostly Music is also excited to announce that the download will now

[For Women& Girls ONLY!] The Heart That Sings! Now Available on DVD!!

Mostly Music is proud to announce, for the first time on DVD, The Heart That Sings. From the creators of A Light for Greytowers, a musical film by Robin Garbose

New Music Showcase from MostlyMusic.com!

Check out this promo for some great new releases from MostlyMusic.com, distributed exclusively by Aderet Music. You can purchase these albums at http://www.mostlymusic.com To get news, discounts an...