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Tzvi Silberstein

Tzvi Silberstein - V'yatzmach

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The album we have all been waiting for is finally here!!. 

Tzvi Silberstein created a musical master piece. Eleven brand new songs that will no doubt create a new standard for Jewish music. From song selection, to musical arrangements performed by the well known Nafshenu Orchestra directed by Aaron Appelbaum. 

The albums title, "Simcha" promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Tzvi Silberstein has recently been featured on "A Kumzitz In The Rain 2". Tzvi now joined forces with producer Doni Gross. Doni's musical notation has made it very clear that he can do more than just vocal arrangements. The energy on this album is exhilarating and refreshing. 

"Simcha" will surely rise to the top of  the charts 2015. 

Tzvi and Doni listened to hundreds of songs, before selecting these beautiful gems. "We didn't want to just release a typical album. We wanted to produce a special album that would be enjoyable and easy to listen to."  
The songs are from top composers including Yitzy Bald, Elie Schwab, Ari Goldwag, Elimelech Blumstein, Yossi Muller, and others. Ari Goldwag joins Tzvi on his beautiful song Lo Ira which is sure to become a classic. 

This Album will touch deep down with its powerful ballads, and will have you dancing to its upbeat songs. 

You got to "Tzvi-it" to believe it!

Available now for download at iTunes, 

Downloadable Tracks

V'yatzmach (4:06)

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Paris, France

They are great!

Tzvi Silberstien and the Clevland Cavaliers are the top in their divisions. Go Tzvi, Kyree Irving and Kevin Love (and LeBron, of course) GO PATS!!! I love writing reviews on Mostly music! :) Tom brady is the best QB! Good job Tzvi!

Shprintza Bryna Tova Leah Genendel Zelda Doli Rozen Yakalovnitzintsky (after my great granny's sister's cousin)


Very Nice! It's inspiring and heartwarming. It lifts up our soul in prayer. Great song!



Love the energy and yiddishe taam.

shprintza leah

Oh my!

This is a very nice song. It's really inspiring and brings out the wonders of Hashem Yisborach. Kol Hakavod!

Simcha Summerman


WOW!!!!! cant wait for the album! I'm buying the pre order album today! can it come out sooner?