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Lish & Goldman - A Feste Rotzon - Double CD with Book

"Ah Festeh Rutzen", [A Strong Determined Will/Desire] is a true to life fast paced account of a young
boy who discovers his inner strength and ability to overcome day to day struggle and challenges with
his Yetzer Hora.
This dramatic 2 hour tale, replete with a huge array of sound effects and sound design presented in
Yiddish is sure to captivate adults and young alike.
Be mesmerized by master story tellers like: Reb Leibush Langer, Reb Fishel Schechter Reb Leibush
Lish, Reb Yoichonon Schor and Reb Shimon Goldstein, and popular actors like: R' Yakov Kopel
Elenbogen, R' Shlomo Steinmetz, R' Yoel Tzvi Treiger and more.
Enjoy heartfelt lyrics sung to the tunes of the famous R' Moshe Goldman A"H with music by Moshe
Laufer, Yisroel Lamm and Chaim Y. Goldman.
Sung by the Camp Shalva Boys Choir & Soloists.
Produced by Reb Yitzchok Lish from Boznei Bincha and Chaim Y. Goldman from Golden Enterprise

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