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A T.I.M.E.

Shloime Kaufman – Avodas Tzedaka Digital Release

Nine years after its original release, its finally available for digital download. “Avodas Tzedakah” a collection of timeless songs presented by the world renown A T.I.M.E. organization. This stell...

Shira Choir & A Team Orchestra – L’moronon

L’moronon, a brand new composition by philanthropist Shloime Yehuda Rechnitz, receives its due delivery at the A T.I.M.E. 2015 Shas-a-Thon in The opulent auditorium and dining halls of Ocean Place

Birchas Kohanim – Promotional Video For the A T.I.M.E. 2010 Auction

Promotional Video For the A.T.I.M.E. 2010 Auction Produced By: M.Y. Vision studio Music By: Moshy Kraus V’Harev: Yaakov Shwekey – Behisorerus

Reb Shimon – Issac Honig

Here is a inspirational video dedicated to Boni Olam & A T.I.M.E. Sung By Issac Honig – Composed By Pinky Weber

JM Derech’s Review of Avodas Tzedaka

Avodas Tzedaka is a 12-track album featuring the vocals of Shloime Kaufman, as well as guest vocals by: Baruch Levine, Michoel Pruzansky, Dovid Gabay, Abie Rotenberg, A.K.A. Pella & Shalom

JI EXCLUSIVE! “Sunshine In The Rain” Single from Shloime Kaufman & A.K.A. Pella

A T.I.M.E. presents a Shloime Kaufman production: Sunshine In The Rain. An Accapella Single featuring A.K.A. Pella & Shloime Kaufman To be exclusively available at the upcoming Chinese auctions to