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Avi Abrams – “To You”

We first heard of Avi Abrams over a year ago when he released the his first single “Fly Away” featuring Zevi Kaufman. Avi manages to speak to people of all

Avi Abrams “Fly Away” Single feat. Zevi Kaufman

This new single was just released by new artist on the JM scene,Avi Abrams. Avi sings straight from his heart to all of ours in this tribute to overcoming our

Coming next week: Avi Abrams- Fly Away feat. Zevi Kaufman

Produced by Zevi Kaufman Arranged by Aryeh Kunstler Written and Composed by Avi Abrams and Zevi Kaufman A single to be I”yh released the week after Tisha B’av,by new artist