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“Dror Yikra” Vocal Edition From Asaf Shefer

“Rabos Machshavos B’lev Ish”… and so it seems that the release of the of the album of singer Asaf Shefer will be pushed off by a few months due to

Asaf Shaicfar Releases Acoustic Version of Hit Song “Chizku Yadayim Rafot”

Here is a new acoustical version of the song “Chizku Yadayim Rafot” of singer Asaf Shafar. Keyboards: Dovid Achilvitz Saxophone: Dor Assaraf Guitar: Avi Singolda Production: Avi Ziv Jono Recorded

Asaf Shafar Releases “Ohev Shalom” Acapella Single

Israeli singer Asaf Shafar has a very unique voice as displayed in his new single a vocal version of the song “Ohev Shalom“, and shows that even without actual musical

Asaf Shafar Releases TWO Acapella Singles for Sefira

We are just 21 days into the counting for the Omer and Jewish singers continue to release vocals/acapella versions of both popular and new songs. Now its time for Israeli

“Invey Hagefen” Asaf Shafar’s New Single Dedicated to His Kallah on His Wedding Day

On his wedding day singer Asaf Shafar dedicated a new song to his kallah entitled “Invey Hagefen”, and it appears that this song will be a wedding hit. Sharaf, who

Asaf Shafar – Korosi Vechol Lev

Singer and composer Asaf Shafar releases a new single for Rosh Hashanah and the High Holy Days entitled “Korosi Vechol Lev“. The song was composed by Asaf himself with arrangements