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At last! Exciting Debut Album Asaf Leibowitz “Souls Meet”

The interest aroused by Leibowitz’s music has reached its peak. Finally, his debut album “Souls Meet” will be available in music stores. Through his music, one gets a glimpse of

Asaf Leibowitz gets ready to launch his first album

“Meeting of the Souls” (Mifgash Haneshamot) Asaf Leibowitz presents his third single to the music world, Meeting of the Souls. Reuniting with the soul, with one’s self, with those we

The new single – ‘Healing with Prayer

Rabbi and guitarist all in one… Asaf Leibowitz The new single – ‘Healing with Prayer’ (Tipul T’fila) Assaf Leibowitz (41) was born in Haifa, and he is married and the