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Ad Bli Dai

Brand New Song – Yehi Hachodesh Hazeh by Yehonatan Carmeli

Yehonatan Carmeli, the drummer of the Ad Bli Dai band, is now releasing a brand new song with Yossef Buchnik, from The Voice Israel. The song “Yehi Hachodesh” was composed

[JI EXCLUSIVE] Yaakov Shwekey: Back to The Beacon – Review & photos

By Yossi Zweig Photos by: PhotoDynamics Last night was my second time in the famed Beacon Theatre. I was there for the Yaakov Shwekey: Back to the Beacon show. There

Yaakov Shwekey Audio Sampler/Pre Order – Libi Bemizrach

Yaakov Shwekey is less than one year removed from the release of his last album, Ad Bli Dai, but that didn’t stop him from releasing a brand new album. Yochi

SHWEKEY 5 – Ad Bli Dai: Sampler

Stay tuned to this page for full details about Yaakov’s 5th album, featuring all new material. THIS ITEM IS FOR PRE-ORDER ONLY. THIS CD WILL BE AVAILABLE TO BE SHIPPED