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Arele Samet

Lipa Schmeltzer & Arele Samet Bring Simchas Together With The Ruvi Banet Orchestra

Mishenichnas Adar: Lipa Schmeltzer & Arele Samet together a you have never seen them before being misameach guests at a simcha with the Ruvi Banet Orchestra.

Lchaim Tish – CHABAD

Well Lchaim Music has defiantly been busy these past few years. Compiling a list of Lchaim Tish’s from everything from Pesach to Chanukah, Purim to Yomim Norim and even Sfira.

[JI EXCLUSIVE] Orah Zu Torah Concert with Gertner & Gabay photos

by: JI Israel Reporter Daniel Bukingolts The “Orah Zu Torah” Jerusalem City Event was supposed to be a happy lively Chanukah event. Twenty minutes prior to the start of the