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Pirchei Israel From Givat Shmuel Reases Their New Album

After two hard years of work, between concerts, rehearsals, recording sessions, and school for the boys, The Pirchei Israel boys choir has returned with their second album. Most of the

Pirchei Yisroel – Yimloich

The “Pirchei Yisrael” choir is proud to present a new single, “Yimloch” an impressive and powerful sample of their second album which is due out soon. The choir is continually

Pirchei Yisrael Boys Choir – Ahavat Chinam

There is a new album that has arrived on the Jewish music scene. The Pirchei Yisrael Boys Choir from Givat Shmuel with their new single “Ahavat Chinam” off their new

Pirchei Yisroel – “Nasseh V’natzliach”: Choir representation of Givat Shmuel Launches Debut album

The children’s choir “Pirchei Yisroel“ launches debut album “Nasseh V’natzliach“. The Album features Israeli songs and soul songs grouped together with sacred innovative arrangements and original t...