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“HaNe’eman” Seven Singers Sing the New Tune From Eli Yishai

Hundreds of listeners of Radio Kol Berama in Israel submitted lyrics to a melody composed by Eli Yishai. This week the song “HaNe’eman” made its debut to audiences everywhere and

Nathaniel Yisrael with a brand new single

Nathaniel Yisrael, now one of the hottest names in eastern song advocates, came onto the Jewish music scene last year with the hit “Ten Li Siman”, which was all over

Avi Ben Israel & Gad Elbaz sing Kasher Telchi Eilech

Avi Ben Israel & Gad Elbaz perform the song together, “Kasher Telchi Eilech“, a hit emerging new canopies. Avi will be releasing this song his upcoming album “Mechake Lanes” which